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Hello people everywhere!

By Tom Schuman, Jun 16 2017 04:32AM

I'm trying out some new things on this site and I hope this page becomes the start of a great exchange of ideas and communication. If anyone out there sees this, please add a comment so I can be sure it works.


Mar 15 2018 12:04AM by tsfragile

Hi Carl,

I have spent many hours over the past 10-15 years programming my sounds using the current setup:
Motif ES8 midied to Roland XV2020
Korg X50 midied to Roland XV202 and Roland Fantom XR

After establishing my sound palette, I proceed with the pre-rehearsals playing the music using my sounds and program positions.
I practice the music and the sound switching at the same time making sure I have no doubt the switching will be effortless. It sometimes
can be challenging... but I find there is always a way to make seamless switches during a rhythm break or musical transition.

Mar 15 2018 12:10AM by tsfragile

Hello Hans,

Kevin Whalum is Kirk's brother. He and I did some work together for a TV series called Boulevard West. Even though the director didn't choose our work, some great music came out of our collaberation.

Spyro Gyra will be performing all over Florida the middle of April 2018. For more info, go to http://www.spyrogyra.com.

Thanks for the link to Amazing Evidence.

Mar 15 2018 12:15AM by tsfragile

Thanks Kai,

It took me awhile but I'm finally responding to these messages. I'm pretty slow at this website thing!

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