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Hello people everywhere!

By Tom Schuman, Jun 16 2017 04:32AM

I'm trying out some new things on this site and I hope this page becomes the start of a great exchange of ideas and communication. If anyone out there sees this, please add a comment so I can be sure it works.


Dec 18 2017 05:15PM by µC Kuper

Tom. I just discovered the Spyro Gyra at San Javier 2016 video. Loved it! And not only have I always admired your playing, I was amazed with your ability to change up your instrumentation in the middle of a song using just 2 keyboards, calling up strings, brass, steel drums, B3, pianos, synths, etc.! How do you do it? I've spent 10 years developing a program to help me do that on stage without getting all tangled up and you seem to do it with incredible ease without this type of aid. Could you write about how you accomplish this? Is it a system that you use? I know many gigging keyboardists would be very interested to learn from you. Thanks!

Carl (a.k.a µC Kuper at www.muckuper.com)

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