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Hello people everywhere!

By Tom Schuman, Jun 16 2017 04:32AM

I'm trying out some new things on this site and I hope this page becomes the start of a great exchange of ideas and communication. If anyone out there sees this, please add a comment so I can be sure it works.


Jun 16 2017 04:39AM by Travis Bakely

Hey Tom, Great improvement to the old site. Can't wait to catch up in Las Vegas.

Jun 19 2017 12:27AM by Randa Farrell

Saw the show last night at the Clark County Amph. You guys were awesome! The hot weather didn't stop people from coming out. We had a blast... Thanks for all your great music and energy.

Jun 19 2017 06:45PM by Kai Bruecher

Hi my friend,

it works. And it looks interresting. This was a good idea. I hope that there will be a great communication between people who love this one and only thing. The most important gift god gave us - MUSIC!

See Ya ...

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