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Hello people everywhere!

By Tom Schuman, Jun 16 2017 04:32AM

I'm trying out some new things on this site and I hope this page becomes the start of a great exchange of ideas and communication. If anyone out there sees this, please add a comment so I can be sure it works.


Jun 19 2017 12:27AM by Randa Farrell

Saw the show last night at the Clark County Amph. You guys were awesome! The hot weather didn't stop people from coming out. We had a blast... Thanks for all your great music and energy.

Jun 19 2017 06:45PM by Kai Bruecher

Hi my friend,

it works. And it looks interresting. This was a good idea. I hope that there will be a great communication between people who love this one and only thing. The most important gift god gave us - MUSIC!

See Ya ...

Jul 29 2017 01:02PM by Albert

Hi Tom! I visited your homepage today after listening to your album "Extremities" (the CD copy you signed for me after a Spyro Gyra concert in Vienna two years ago) - it's really marvelous, beautiful music! I'm looking forward to your new blog, maybe we could stay in touch this way. Thank you very much for your music and inspiration! All the best wishes from Vienna

Sep 13 2017 12:10PM by Eben Swanich

Hi Tom

I’m from South Africa and thank you for sharing your fantastic music with us. I have most of your sheet music but somehow cannot find the best one namely Schu’s Blues. What a number!!!! Please if you can give me feedback on its availability.

Kind Regards

Eben Swanich
Director Swat Group
082 772 6381 (cell)
021 712 3431 (office)
021 712 1852 (fax)
eben@swat-pc.co.za (e-mail)

Nov 23 2017 02:50AM by Hans Vandergouw

Hi Tom,
What a night it's been. I was going thru some old CDs of mine. Saw a number of vintage Spyro Gyra and assumed the were empty cases because of a theft that place around 2 years ago (had all my CDs in my car). What a shock when I found the CDs still inside!!! So I listened to "Catching the Sun" and WOW, did it bring back memories. So I decided to see if you guys were still around and another WOW. Had a chance to not only listen but see you guys perform at San Javier on YouTube. I couldn't have gotten a better seat!

I've got a couple questions for you. I noticed on your album "Designated Planets" that it features Kevin Whalum. Is this the son of Kirk Whalum whose teamed up with George Duke on some of his releases???? Lastly, of your solo work, which would you recommend I get (i.e. your favorite).

I hope you and/or the band (Spyro Gyra) will come to Orlando, FL soon. I'll check the website for it.

Lastly, I read your eulogy about your mother. You mention she is now in heaven. I wrote a chapter regarding that in my book, "Amazing Evidence". Check it out if you like at www.AmazingEvidence.org.

Dec 18 2017 05:15PM by µC Kuper

Tom. I just discovered the Spyro Gyra at San Javier 2016 video. Loved it! And not only have I always admired your playing, I was amazed with your ability to change up your instrumentation in the middle of a song using just 2 keyboards, calling up strings, brass, steel drums, B3, pianos, synths, etc.! How do you do it? I've spent 10 years developing a program to help me do that on stage without getting all tangled up and you seem to do it with incredible ease without this type of aid. Could you write about how you accomplish this? Is it a system that you use? I know many gigging keyboardists would be very interested to learn from you. Thanks!

Carl (a.k.a µC Kuper at www.muckuper.com)

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