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SchuBox Studio

Music productions with all the comforts of home

and the best of everything else!

As a professional musician, producer and studio technician, I am here to invite you to one my favorite aspects of any musical experience,




This is where your sonic dreams turn into reality.  Your inner visions are realized on the sound canvas.  And your artistic potential is extrapolated to new levels.  I have learned through my own experiences that we are only limited by our imagination and of course health.  The world around us only perceives what we want it to perceive about us.  However, in order to create that perception, we need a nurturing environment that helps us to easily see our vision and provide us with the basic tools to spontaneously bring it to fruition.  


Most studios I've recorded in have a sterile almost clinical vibe to them.  The creative process is squelched by an unrelenting stress caused by a miriad of major and minor details.  You find yourself calculating all the extra charges and looking at your watch thinking, wow,  this is going to cost me a fortune!  The humungous soundboard, effect racks, acoustic baffling and designer furniture look impressive at first.  But when you hear what you have at the end of your sessions, the machinery fades away and your only concern is your bank account, not your mix.


Our concept at SchuBox Studios is to provide a home away from home.  Keep things simple and affordable.  It's like renting a house in a nice modest  neighborhood with all the audio equipment and recording space you need to set yourself free and musically become what  you can imagine at your own pace.


It works for me and my friends whose CDs are listed here.  I'm certain it will also work for you.




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