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Services include 16 inputs of live recordings

(32 using two computers synced to midi timecode)

up to 96k 24bit resolution.

  Mix Up to 96 simultaneous audio, 64 instrument and 512 midi tracks.


There is a drum room, control room and large space for that big room sound.


We have plenty of options for creating virtual beats and rhythm tracks using VSTs

and sample technology plug-ins as well as a plethora of outboard synthesizers.

Visit the Equipment & Photo page for the latest list of microphones, instruments, computers and other essential gear.


Creating music for video is also a breeze using the latest version of Pro Tools.  


Tom Schuman's musical history speaks for itself.  

The fact that you have a seasoned professional with 35+ years of experience working with you

only makes your creative process faster and easier to accomplish.  

His piano and keyboard work alone will catapult your music to greater heights.


There are two guest bedrooms with a private guest bath for those who need to sleep where they work.  

A full service kitchen and entertainment center is also available.




Hourly rate is $100.00 for the studio, equipment and

Tom Schuman's engineering and production skills.


Musicians are extra and negotiable.


BEST DEAL! Daily rate is $750.00.  

This is basically a lock out for the day.

(maximum of 10 work hours)

It includes everything at the hourly rate plus accommodations if needed.




Services & Pricing

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