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Designated Planets


Cover Track List

Tom Schuman plays piano and keyboards on all tracks.

Tom also plays and programs all drum, percussion and bass tracks,

unless otherwise noted below.




Designated Planets

Steve Oliver


Jeff Kashiwa

alto sax




Against the Odds**

Skip Martin - trumpet

Julian Tanaka - tenor sax

Steve Oliver - guitars

Kevin Marshall

 drums and vocals




Sweet Surrender

Jeff Kashiwa

soprano sax

Bonny B





Inevitable Changes*

Joel Rosenblatt - drums

Sarah Brooks -  back vocals

Vinny Valentino - guitars




Look in my Eyes

Kevin Whalum


Rocco Prestia





Last Confession

Julian Tanaka


Lee Pearson





Then You Walked In

Juiian Tanaka - tenor sax

Skip Martin - flugelhorn

Bonny B - drums

Scott Ambush - bass




A Piece of Me

Steve Oliver


Taylor Moore





Ear Candy

Skip Martin 

trumpet and vocals




Fusion Fire

Steve Oliver - guitars

Julian Tanaka - saxes

Lee Pearson - drums





You're the One for Me

Skip Martin

 vocals and trumpet

Rocco Prestia 





Because of You

(vocal version)

Kevin Whalum - vocals

Serena Henry - back vocals

Austin Pooley - drums


All songs written by Tom Schuman (JazzBridge Music BMI) except for:

A Piece of Me - lyrics and melody by Steve Oliver (Oohla Productions BMI)

Against the Odds - written by Kevin Marshall (KMSTIXX music BMI)

Look In My Eyes - co-written by Rocco Prestia (Occor Music ASCAP),

lyrics and melody by Kevin Whalum (Dobizniss1st Music ASCAP)

You're the One For Me - co-written by Rocco Prestia (Occor Music ASCAP),

lyrics and melody by Skip Martin (Sound Success ASCAP)

Ear Candy - lyrics and melody by Skip Martin (Sound Success ASCAP)

Because of You - lyrics by Kevin Whalum (Dobizniss1st Music ASCAP)


Recorded by Tom Schuman at SchuBox Studios, Las Vegas, NV

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Schuman and Martin Walters

Re-mastered by Martin Walters at Big Time Audio, Jonesborough, TN

Website and CD graphics design - Tom Schuman and Jason Child

Photos of Tom Schuman by Cary Gillaspie - Scenic Jazz

Steve Oliver's guitar and vocal performances were recorded at WestieWorld Studios

**Against the Odds drum performance was recorded at KMSTIXX Music studio by Kevin Stixx Marshall

* Drums and background vocals for Inevitable Changes

were recorded by Joel Rosenblatt at CliffSound Productions, Somers, NY.



Kevin Stixx Marshall plays Yamaha drums and Zildjian K series cymbals

Joel Rosenblatt plays Tama Drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and Attack Heads

Steve Oliver plays Carvin guitars.

Bonny B uses Vic Firth sticks and Meinl cymbals.

Lee Pearson plays Mapex drums, Sabian cymbals and uses Pro Mark drum sticks

  Taylor Moore plays Soultone cymbals


I would like to thank all the musicians who performed on this project for their amazing talents and gifts of friendship.  Additional thanks to Martin Walters for spending time away from his family to help with the final mixes and mastering.  Jason Child for his amazing graphics and cover art.  Cary Gillaspie for photographing me in the middle of the desert. Also, my dear friend, John Carmona for introducing me to Rocco Prestia and the Tower of Power family.  Last but not least (as always), Yvonne Schuman for her continued support, love, guidance and friendship during the creation and production of all my musical journeys to and from these designated planets.




This collection of music is dedicated to the memory of John Manuel Carmona III (1939-2012)