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Tom Schuman Trio

Live at Marians Jazzroom

Tom Schuman and his Las Vegas based trio performed 11 shows at a prestigeous jazz club in Bern, Switzerland January 9th - 13th of 2018.  That club is called Marians Jazzroom.  Tom took the liberty of bringing enough recording gear to capture every performance and CD is the result of his efforts.  It features Dave Ostrem on bass and Andrea D'Angelo on drums.  The Swiss audiences were a delight in every way and it shows on this compilation of mostly original tunes.  There is also a cover of the jazz standard, "Close Your Eyes" as well as a favorite of Tom's called "Love" by McCoy Tyner saxophonist, Joe Ford.  Tom also debuts his newest original ballad,

"Comfortable Silences".


Performances like these only happen once in a lifetime never to be played the same way again.  Take a journey with Tom and his trio and feel the love and respect for this American classic music we call jazz.


Official release date

is JUNE 19th 2018!

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